Driveway Pavers

These days, a shift to large-format natural stone for both residential and commercial driveway systems is gaining popularity and replacing that concrete surface. Natural stone in all formats–large and traditional (small 4”x4”, 6”x6” cubes)–with its aesthetic and structural benefits makes it a strong alternative to concrete pavers or asphalt.   With a PSI of 5000+, and the proper installation techniques, cobblestones, patterns, or large format pavers (squares or rectangles) can easily be produced for the project design.  Various thicknesses,  4cm, 5cm, 6cm, are typical with a variety of surface finishes such as sawn cut, bush hammer, honed, and tumbled. Architectural accents such as curbstones, drains, circle patterns, and large slabs benches are available.

walnut travertine driveway pavers
travertine driveway pavers
silver paver driveway
seahaze mix limestone driveway
seahaze mix 3cm driveway cobblestones
caramel travertine driveway pavers
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