Experts say that fashion always repeats itself, and the use of natural stone in architecture is no exception. A smaller patio can appear larger due to fewer grout lines/grid effects utilizing our extra-large format stone. In addition, Gothicstone travertine, limestone, or marble colors can be surface finished matching the exact look you have imagined.  We can easily add texture to the stone to make your outdoor entertainment or sanctuary spaces unique. 


Adding a fireplace, firepit, outdoor kitchen or pond to your patio? Consider wall caps for the firepit and bench seating.  Countertops for the outdoor kitchen, and step treads to connect various levels of patio areas. Gothicstone produces all pieces of the project from the same blocks of stone.  Your entire color palette and material stay consistent.  Add variety in the form of textural surface finishes.  Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about sourcing other material or other products and hope that they will fit and match your design! 

Adding a patio area to your existing pool deck or planning a new pool installation?  Consider utilizing Gothicstone natural stone pavers and coping to keep the pool deck cooler.  For instance, our natural stone pavers are installed 80% of the time for pool decks and copings because they stay cool!  In addition, a variety of surface finishes are available to add texture and functionality without changing the material or color. 

Stone walls have been constructed throughout the world for centuries, and now designers are bringing them back into vogue to create more intimate living spaces. Wall systems can be extensions of a patio flooring color and texture scheme.


Most importantly, all paver sizes can be dry set in sand or wet set on concrete slab. Speaking of which, have an old, ugly concrete patio, which is degraded somewhat, some cracking here and there and unsightly?  Basically, in pretty good shape?  Use a pedestal system and natural stone pavers!  Read our blogs to find out how easy it is to cover an existing concrete slab and install beautiful natural stone pavers easily and fast with a pedestal system.    

caramel walnut travertine pavers slab outdoor kitchen
caramel walnut travertine patio pavers
caramel travertine firepit caps and bench seating
canyon red limestone project
buceto limestone pool pavers coping
buceto limestone patio pavers
peach red travertine
meta mix dark FP tile
mesa red travertine french pattern tumbled pavers patio walkway
latte travertine patio pavers and walls pier caps
noce travertine patio pavers
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