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Travertine Paver Colors

Travertine paver colors may be the most versatile in their color mixes for both indoor and outdoor environments. For instance, the colors range from deep earth tones, greys, and silver to warm peaches and golds. While travertine colors are graded, no two stones are alike, and when set in groupings of multiple pavers, the effect is utterly unique.

Travertine Colors for Interior or Exterior Applications

Travertine, like limestone and marble, is perfectly suited for both interior or exterior residential or commercial use. In addition, all stones are ASTM specified for anti-slip, freeze-thaw compatible in all climates, and have compressive strengths for many industrial applications. Finally, travertine has commonly been used for building façades, pool decking, pool coping, kitchen flooring, bathroom flooring, vanity tops, and driveway stone pavers.  


Gold, cream, and brown Travertine
Cream travertine with cinnamon color swirls with lots of movement


cream with cinnamon swirls
Gothicstone Cream Mix Travertine (Creamy Beige Mix color).

Gothicstone Caramel

Creamy beige Travertine crosscut
Portobello noce dark brown travertine

Gothicstone Noce

Medium to deep brown travertine

Mediterranean Fusion

Beige travertine with random coloration throughout
Oyster Travertine (light taupe coloration)


Light beige and taupe coloration
Chocolate color with  slight grey undertones

Portobello Noce

Chocolate color with slight grey & honey color undertones
silver grey travertine no beige

Silver Gunmetal selection

Silver and light grey colors

Silver Toadflax selection

Silver, grey, beige, whitish colors
Dark grey, silver, and brown travertine

Silver Adirondack selection

Dark silver, grey, brown colors

While travertine pavers and tiles are currently in high demand in home and landscape architecture, they come with a long past. Unlike synthetic or forged building materials, natural stone has been used throughout recorded history. The ancient Romans and Etruscans, renowned for their architectural advancements, chose travertine pavers and tile most often. 

Contractors and designers are expecting outdoor pavers and indoor tile floors to complement a wide variety of decors. These historic architectural elements lend a sense of permanence and nostalgia to homes designed in a variety of distinctive styles. Travertine is appropriate in urban or rural settings, as its mottled colors tend to reflect their surroundings. 

To complement the wide variety of needs when planning living spaces, Gothicstone produces complementary products.  Our productions of travertine step treads, countertops, wall caps, wall systems, driveway cobblestones, and driveway pavers complete the project.  With a wide variety of surface finishes and textures, the design and build of the space can be one of a kind! 

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