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Patio Pavers

Modern architecture has embraced the timeless look of natural stone patio pavers. Demand has grown, but fortunately supplies of marble, travertine, limestone and basalt are plentiful and relatively easily accessed. While stone may be a large investment, it is also quite sound, as patio pavers require little maintenance to look good, and they wear well. The life of a travertine or marble deck will likely exceed one of treated wood, in terms of aesthetics and function.

A full-service importer offers a variety of materials for many different architectural applications. Its online showroom may include:
•Interior marble tile for countertops or flooring
•Outdoor patio pavers in a wide variety of colors
•Oversized travertine slabs for driveways
•Travertine or limestone pool coping or pavers
•Stone veneer, columns, balustrades and wall systems

An Ancient Fad in Patio Pavers

Experts say that fashion always repeats itself, and the use of natural stone in architecture is no exception. This ancient building and decorating material now enjoys modern quarrying and cutting techniques to its benefit. Uniform and strong pavers and veneers can be used in stylish accents throughout home and landscaping. Custom-made fireplaces, fountains, waterfalls and ponds can be crafted. A patio or pool deck can be sculpted of travertine, limestone or marble, with pool coping available to match.

Stone walls have been constructed throughout the world for centuries, and now designers are bringing them back into vogue to create more intimate living spaces. Wall systems can be extensions of a patio flooring color and texture scheme. An importer such as Gothicstone has architects on staff to help create lasting home effects using natural stone.



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