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Gothicstone Natural Stone Recommendations for Paver Pedestal System


A perfect, “save the day” application would be an old, ugly concrete patio, which is degraded somewhat, some cracking here and there but basically in decent shape. You can make it new again by laying a paver pedestal system over the concrete and placing your pavers or tiles on top.  With a crew of three or four good laborers, you could probably install several thousand square feet in one day.  A pedestal paver system works well (and very cost-effectively) if you use large format tile or paver sizes such as 12”x12”, 16”x16” or up to and, including 24”x24”. 

Caution: you must use the correct material/product because it must be strong (appropriate flexural strength). Otherwise, the corners may break since there is no support in the center of the paver or tile.  Read PEDESTAL SYSTEMS EXPAND THEIR FOOTPRINT IN BOTH INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR PROJECTS to learn further stone implementation information about paver pedestal systems.

Paver pedestal system materials are 3cm (1 1/4″) thick, (exceptions noted below):

  • Marbles (for the most part), up to 24×24
  • SEAHAZE SEA limestone, up to 24×24 or 30×30
  • SEAHAZE SAND limestone, up to 24×24 or 30×30
  • Can use up to 18x18x2cm (3/4″) limestone, travertine, or marble
  • Cross cut travertine (not vein cut) travertine up to 24 x 24

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Example Material Colors

NATURAL STONE DISCLAIMER: Buyer acknowledges that stone is a natural substance, formed within the earth and that distinct types of stone, as well as individual stones within any given type, may vary in texture, color, thickness, density, durability, or fitness for a particular use or purpose. Natural stone may chip, peel, flake, bleed, stain, oxidize, or otherwise deteriorate over time. These attributes should be considered when using stone, especially in any exterior application subject to moisture. Buyer acknowledges that Seller has no control over Buyer’s selection or use of any stone and that exposure to weather, installation techniques, or preservative measures used by Buyer.

Buyer’s purchase of stone from Seller constitutes Buyer’s acknowledgment of the above, and acceptance of the risks inherent in the use and installation of natural stone and a waiver of all claims which Buyer may have against Seller arising from the chipping, etching, flaking, staining, bleeding, oxidation, or other deteriorations and/or defects inherent in natural stone.