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Suitability for the SeaHaze limestone in pool applications – Reason #3

Reason #3

The production tolerance comparisons to bluestones and slates: the SeaHaze Sea and Sand are honed and calibrated, in addition to the fact that they are produced on a marble production line, insuring their squareness and suitability for ease of installation. Unlike practically all bluestones and slates, the SeaHaze products are much faster and easier to install, thereby, reducing the overall budget of your client’s project.  Even “so-called” calibrated bluestone (and obviously slates) can’t fully benefit from the uniformity of the calibration process because of their innately irregular surface textures.

SEAHAZE SEA (grey selection 18″x36″ tile) – cut on same production line as 1 1/4″, 2″, 3″ thick pavers.

SEAHAZE SEA (blue selection pavers)

Alternative to Bluestone and stays Cool!


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