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Bluestone Alternative


5 Reasons to Choose SEAHAZE SEA Limestone over Pennsylvania Bluestone

Dreaming of a beautiful pool deck, patio, or outdoor space? The Bluestone alternative, (SEAHAZE SEA Limestone) and PA Bluestone offer a timeless aesthetic, but when it comes to functionality and ease of use, the SEAHAZE SEA Limestone takes the lead. Here’s a breakdown of 5 key differences to consider:

Temperature Control:

  • Pennsylvania Bluestone: Has naturally higher metal content (which conducts heat) turning your paver into a natural heat sink making the surface uncomfortably hot underfoot on sunny days.
  • Blue Grey Limestone: Its lower natural metals content composition keeps the stone cool even in direct sunlight, providing a more comfortable walking surface.

Chemical Resistance:

  • Pennsylvania Bluestone: Reactive to chlorine and salt, common in pool areas and winter de-icing.
  • Blue Grey Limestone: Composed primarily of calcium carbonate, more chemically inert, and resistant to damage from these elements.


  • PA Bluestone: Uneven cuts and varying thicknesses often due to basic/outdated sawing techniques can lead to a time-consuming and challenging installation process.
  • Blue Grey Limestone: Produced on high-precision marble tile lines, Limestone boasts perfectly squared and calibrated pieces, ensuring a faster and more straightforward installation.

Cutting and Finishing:

  • Pennsylvania Bluestone: Slate-like layering and/or striations, in its composition, can cause chipping and flaking during cutting, resulting in waste and a less polished look.
  • Blue Grey Limestone: Free from layering and striations, Limestone’s more homogenous composition cuts effortlessly and cleanly, minimizing chipping & waste and creating a flawless finished product.

Design Flexibility:

  • Pennsylvania Bluestone: Limited availability in large formats restricts design options for expansive features like slabs or large pavers.
  • Blue Grey Limestone: Comes in impressive sizes, including full slabs up to 10 feet and large pavers (24″x36″ large pavers and even up to 36″x36″ or 48″x48″). This opens doors for creative designs incorporating grand steps, feature walls, and stunning outdoor kitchens or countertops.

In conclusion, our SEAHAZE SEA Limestone (blue grey) offers a cooler, more durable, and easier-to-install alternative to PA Bluestone. Its superior chemical resistance and a much wider range of format sizes make it the perfect choice for creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space that reflects your unique vision.