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Patio Pavers

Modern architecture has embraced the timeless look of natural stone patio pavers. Demand has grown, but fortunately supplies of marble, travertine, limestone and basalt are plentiful and relatively easily accessed. While stone may be a large investment, it is also quite sound, as patio pavers require little maintenance to look good, and they wear well. The life of a travertine or marble deck will likely exceed one of treated wood, in terms of aesthetics and function.

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Natural Stone Tile

Architectural styles have become more customized, and natural stone tile can lend a distinctive look to any new home or office building. Conformity used to be the trend, with cookie-cutter facades or landscapes. Now, designers are realizing that manmade constructions can be set apart from their peers by using accents derived from nature. Even if everyone were adding travertine flooring or columns to their projects, each entity would still be unique.

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Natural Stone Slabs

The other choices in outdoor flooring literally pale beside natural stone slabs. Cement is none too beautiful. Brick and manufactured tile are too uniform and breakable. On the other hand, all the color choices in nature are reflected in tough slab pavers. Homeowners, designers and contractors can find an endless selection of slabs, tiles and architectural accents from an online importer.

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Stone Panels

Natural stone panels provide an excellent architectural tool for interior as well as exterior walls. Natural stone has always been a much-loved building material because of its strength, durability, great look and low maintenance cost. However, constructing a stone building is certainly not cost-effective. This is where the value of stone panels or natural stone veneer comes in. It provides the functionality, advantages and look of stone, and at the same time is cost-effective and easy to install.

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Flagstone Patio

A flagstone patio is perfect for that sunny winter afternoon or a summer night party. It has to be a leisurely space that you enjoy being in and grow to love. At Gothicstone that is just what we seek to create with the flagstone patios that we build for you.

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Flagstone Walkways

There is nothing like a flagstone walkway to draw someone’s admiration and brighten their heart as they walk into your house. All it takes is initiative, a little bit of space and a little bit of time, and we can get started with designing a creative little path to your doorstep!

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Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration is usually an eventual requirement for any old walkway, driveway, patio or concrete floor. The problem starts because no matter what you do, wear and tear just cannot be avoided, especially on outdoor landscaping features such as walkways. And if you went about replacing every damaged and worn concrete floor, not only would it be extremely expensive but also tedious and troublesome. Why not spend a fraction of the cost of replacement, and ensure long lasting protection with concrete restoration?

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Outdoor Kitchens

Tired of being limited by a stand-alone grill and folding chairs when you have your outdoor parties? Perhaps it is time for you to upgrade to a fully functional and aesthetically inviting outdoor kitchen. Won’t it be wonderful if all you have to do to get the feel of the ‘Flintstones age’ is to step out into your own yard or patio? While the natural stone finish of your outdoor kitchen will spark your sense of fun and adventure, its modern accessories and fittings will be a huge relief when you actually stand there to cook or grill.

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Peruvian Travertine

Peruvian travertine is a very unique variety of travertine and has certain special features. First of all, it is denser, stronger and less porous than other travertines. This makes it useful for a wider variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. Also, famously, Peruvian travertine is available in a wide range of rich and beautiful colors that are either unique or at best rarely available.

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