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Natural Stone Tile

Architectural styles have become more customized, and natural stone tile can lend a distinctive look to any new home or office building. Conformity used to be the trend, with cookie-cutter facades or landscapes. Now, designers are realizing that manmade constructions can be set apart from their peers by using accents derived from nature. Even if everyone were adding travertine flooring or columns to their projects, each entity would still be unique.

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Natural Stone Slabs

The other choices in outdoor flooring literally pale beside natural stone slabs. Cement is none too beautiful. Brick and manufactured tile are too uniform and breakable. On the other hand, all the color choices in nature are reflected in tough slab pavers. Homeowners, designers and contractors can find an endless selection of slabs, tiles and architectural accents from an online importer.

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Natural Stone Flooring

Designers and homeowners choose natural stone flooring for the kind of beauty that can’t be manufactured. Even the names travertine, limestone and marble have a lovely, exotic quality to them. They aptly describe these unique “building blocks” that reflect and merge with the surrounding landscape. Architects use them wherever an organic look is desired. They are stunning, for instance, in fountain installations, fireplaces and retaining walls.

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Natural Stone Tiles

Move over Congoleum and Pergo, natural stone tile has taken over as the most sought-after flooring around the world. Homeowners are always interested in finding base coverings that look great and require little to no maintenance. Now many are stepping out on the latest architectural fashion: travertine, marble, limestone and basalt mosaic tiles and pavers. The functional perks are secondary only to stone’s impressive good looks. When creatively and professionally applied, this indoor or outdoor flooring garners instant recognition as top-of-the-line material.

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Natural Stone Pavers

When planning a commercial project or home exterior living space, natural stone pavers add distinction and a sense of permanence. It is telling that the ancient Romans used limestone, travertine and marble in their architectural wonders, many of which still exist today. While they couldn’t have performed the geological assessments and comparisons that we can today, they intuitively prized these natural materials for their strength, beauty and longevity.

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