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Noce Travertine for Unforgettable Hardscape Projects

Step into a realm of enduring beauty and sophisticated charm with our featured product spotlight on Noce Travertines. These exquisite stones, characterized by warm, earthy tones, are the perfect choice for elevating your exterior hardscape projects. Whether you’re an architect planning a backyard oasis or a contractor seeking top-tier products for your clients, Noce Travertine promises to bring timeless elegance to every outdoor space.

 Noce Travertine: A Symphony of Warm Tones

  1. Rich Color Palette:
    • Noce Travertine highlights a rich palette of warm browns, tans, and creams, creating a captivating visual tapestry. This versatile color range effortlessly complements a variety of aesthetics and design styles, from classic to contemporary.
  2. Natural Variation:
    • The inherent beauty of this Travertine lies in its natural variation. Each stone boasts unique patterns and veining, ensuring that every hardscape project is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This distinctive quality adds character and authenticity to any outdoor space.
  3. Unmatched Versatility:
    •  From patios, walkways, and wall veneers to pool surrounds, copings, and driveways, Travertine is an incredibly versatile choice for exterior hardscape projects. Its warm hues create a welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

Why Choose Travertine?

  1. Durability in Every Detail:
    • Engineered by nature and perfected over time, Travertine is renowned for its durability. Its robust structure ensures resilience against the elements, making it an ideal choice for enduring hardscape projects that stand the test of time.
  2. Easy Maintenance:
    • Enjoy the beauty of Travertine with minimal maintenance. Its natural resistance to wear and tear simplifies upkeep, allowing you to relish the stunning aesthetics of your hardscape without the stress of constant maintenance.

Distributors and Architects Love Working with Gothicstone Travertine

  1. Extensive Stock Availability:
    • Our Travertine collections are readily available and special requirements can be produced in record time, ensuring that you have the stock you need for projects of any scale. Whether you’re a contractor with multiple clients or a designer embarking on a new project, our products are available to meet your demands.
  2. Customization Opportunities:
    • Elevate your exterior space with custom creations using Travertine. Its natural variation and versatility make it an excellent choice for intricate designs, patterns, and layouts (including waterjet cutting capability). We can produce any size or thickness for projects or stock and have (12) surface finish textures to enhance the aesthetics.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Gothicstone Noce

In conclusion, Noce Travertine is more than just a stone; it’s an invitation to elevate your outdoor aesthetics. With its warm tones, natural variation, and enduring charm, Travertine stands as a testament to the beauty that only nature can create. If you’re envisioning a cozy patio, a serene garden path, or a magnificent pool deck and outdoor entertainment space, Noce Travertine is the key to turning your hardscape dreams into an outdoor living reality.

For inquiries, quotes, or to explore our extensive Travertine collection, please contact us. Let the journey to a more elegant and inviting outdoor space begin today.

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Designing with Surface Finishes: Elevating Aesthetics and Functionality


In the realm of interior and exterior design, surface finishes play a pivotal role in enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Whether you’re designing a home, commercial space, or outdoor environment, the choice of surface treatments can dramatically impact the overall look and feel of a space. In this blog, we’ll explore the art and science of designing with surface finishes, highlighting how these choices can transform ordinary surfaces into works of art. 

The Significance of Surface Finishes

Encompassing a wide range of treatments applied to materials such as wood, stone, metal, concrete, and ceramics, serving several essential purposes:

  1. Enhancing Aesthetics: Surface finishes can add texture, color, and pattern to surfaces, elevating their visual appeal. They create visual interest and contribute to the overall design style.
  2. Improving Safety: Some finishes, like non-slip coatings on floors, a bush hammer, or sandblasted stone finish, enhance safety by preventing slips and falls. These finishes are especially crucial in commercial and public spaces.  
  3. Adding Functionality: Surface finishes can also enhance functionality by making surfaces easier to clean, more resistant to scratches, or more suitable for specific tasks.

Popular Surface Finishes

  1. Honed Finishes: Honed surfaces have a matte or satin appearance with a smooth texture. They provide a subtle elegance and are often chosen for countertops, flooring, and bathrooms.
  2. Textured Finishes: Textured finishes add depth and character to surfaces. They can range from subtle patterns to dramatic textures, such as Etruscan Texturetm, providing visual interest and tactile appeal. Textured finishes are popular in wall coverings, pavers, tiles, and exterior cladding.
  3. Anti-Slip Finishes: These finishes prioritize safety, especially in wet or high-traffic areas. They incorporate slip-resistant materials or textures to reduce the risk of accidents. A bush hammer surface finish is ideal for residential or commercial step treads.

Design Considerations

When designing with surface finishes, consider the following factors:

  1. Design Style: The choice of finish should align with the overall design style of the space, whether it’s modern-contemporary, traditional, industrial, or eclectic.
  2. Functionality: Determine the intended use of the surface. High-traffic areas may require more durable and easy-to-clean finishes, outdoor step treads will require a more textured finish for safety purposes, and decorative elements, such as accent walls, can benefit from unique textures and patterns.
  3. Maintenance: Consider the level of maintenance required for the chosen finish. Some finishes may need regular cleaning and sealing, while others are virtually maintenance-free. For example, we don’t recommend a bush-hammered surface for interior flooring because it is difficult to clean inside.  Outside, it can easily be hosed off.
  4. Color and Material Compatibility: Ensure that the finish complements the color palette and material selection in the design. A harmonious combination enhances the overall aesthetic. When a natural stone surface is bush-hammered or sandblasted, the stone becomes lighter in color. 


Designing with surface finishes is a multifaceted endeavor that blends aesthetics, functionality, and practicality. These finishes have the power to elevate the look and feel of interior and exterior spaces, making them more inviting, safe, and durable.

Whether you opt for polished elegance, natural authenticity, or textured character, surface finishes offer a wide array of design possibilities. By carefully considering the style, functionality, maintenance, lighting, and material compatibility, you can harness the transformative potential of surface finishes to create spaces that are both visually captivating and highly functional.

Gothicstone Surface Finishes
Chart – suggested finishes for the various landscape applications
Cream travertine mini split face building facade veneer
Split Face

SALE: Grey Limestone Pavers and Tile in stock!


SEAHAZE SEAtm Grey Limestone Pavers-TileTreads-Coping

  • SEAHAZE SEAtm Limestone 18x36x2cm, $3.99 /SF
  • SEAHAZE SEAtm Limestone Treads-Coping, 12”x48x5cm, $13.00/SF
  • SEAHAZE SEAtm Limestone Treads-Coping, 16”x48x5cm, $14.00/SF

In stock and ready to pick up at our Bridgeport, PA warehouse or we can arrange delivery. Limited availability while supplies last.

Also, Special pricing on ALL project orders placed before August 15. Delivery 8-10 weeks.

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Silver Travertine Color Selections

Silver Travertine color selections are typically a mixture of light and dark silver-grey with beige and white colors. Gothicstone is promoting three Silver Travertine selections for better project specificity. Silver Travertine Toadflax selection is the mix of the quarry, as mentioned above, and the Silver Travertine Gunmetal selection which is all silver and grey with little if any beige or white. Both selections have lots of movement in the stone – it is primarily the coloration that is the difference.

Silver Travertine color selections make a difference for your project!

Specializing in custom project productions, we think it is critically important to have the best selection of materials, surface finishes, and custom sizes of pavers, treads, copings, wall caps, countertops, and cladding so we can produce exactly what you need for your client’s project.

See our complete product portfolio of materials, colors, surface finishes, and applications.

Radius Coping, Treads, and Wall Caps are not custom for us!

Just send us the drawings! The dimensions range from 6×12 to 24 x 72 (or higher) but we produce according to the project requirements so, about any size is possible and standard in our productions.

Smart Solutions

We specialize in ‘smart solutions’ designing safety (in particular, surface finishes with a high coefficient of friction) into the implementation and end-use of our products. New surface finishes such as Micro Bush Hammer, SUREGRIP MOLESKINtm, Hand-Chiseled, and, Etruscan Texturetm add soft and subtle interest without changing the material itself.